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Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE)


During 2013 CAAP with the support of Save the Children in Albania has started implementing the EYE (Education for Youth Empowerment) project in Cerrik. The project started as a response to the fulfillment of the rights of children and young people by addressing issues as social exclusion, access to services and poor linkage among policies. Due to a lot of social changes occurred in Albania in the last decade youth have now more opportunities for a brighter future, but sometimes they lack of techniques and a sharp eye on tackling this opportunities. In order to empower this category a series of different activities were undertaken in this pilot project by involving different local actors and the community of Cerrik.
The pilot is expected to directly reach around 60 youth aged 15-20. Vulnerable youth will be socially and economically strengthened and empowered to become drivers for change within their families and communities. Other beneficiaries include around 100 family and community members, and around 15 teachers of 9th grade in the city of Cerrik in the Elbasan Region. Local actors in the value chain, enterprises and private sector actors will also be reached. Objective: By the end of 2013, youth enjoy the right to non-formal education enabling them to build skills and participate in society. Youth in Cerrik are empowered with market literacy and have improved opportunities for civic engagement to become active economic and social citizens.

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