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Helping FBSh - DN in Community Fundraising


This year, Common Actions Against Poverty launched a new line of consulting services to help local non-profits grow into more sustainable organizations. Albania has made incredible strides forward in the years following the 1997 conflict as an energetic and sincere civil society sector rapidly emerged to address the concerns of a country rebuilding.

As the country advanced, though, the influx of international aid has waned and the market for donors’ funds has become more competitive. To survive and continue to provide crucial services a new period of growth is need to develop functioning organizations into professional entities.

An ambitious and pragmatic framework for identifying new sources of support from within the country is needed. Common Actions Against Poverty’s fundraising consulting services seek to fill this need and help Albanian non-profits build sustainable donor bases so they can continue to serve populations in need.

CAAP has now partnered with Fëmijët e Botës dhe të Shqipërisë-të Drejtat e Njeriut (FBSh) to launch an exciting new marketing effort in Tirana. This is FBSh’s first community fundraising activity and we have been pleased to work closely with FBSh’s dedicated staff members. Together, we have developed a comprehensive plan on identifying and cultivating new supporters through a variety of events, media and communications.

FBSh’s relationship with the local community is growing rapidly as we share its stories and demonstrate the compassion with which it works. Within the next few years, FBSh hopes to draw a large percentage of its donations from the local community to ensure a truly sustainable organization. CAAP is proud to be a part of this process and, after experiencing the incredible transformative power of FBSh’s work, is confident others will be as touched by FBSh’s mission as we are.

Would you like to know more about this project or how CAAP can help your organization expand its donor base? Contact us today!


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