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CAAP supports Romani Baxt paper recycling project to fund kindergarten services.

Funding is always in question for development organizations, often coupled with a worry of dependency and becoming donor-driven. It is no doubt that with outside funding, many things can be accomplished. However, with innovative thinking and creative problem solving, sustainable ways of funding programs can also be used.


For Romani Baxt, a local Albanian Roma NGO, these challenges are ever-present. Specializing in academic and cultural education for Roma children in Albania, Romani Baxt focuses on pre-school and kindergarten services, after-school programs and summer school, aiming to provide and encourage academic success, psychological support and an understanding of rights as humans and youth.

Initiative: To reach these aims in a sustainable way, Romani Baxt is using a creative solution, with the help and support of Common Actions Against Poverty (CAAP), a local Albanian NGO and Terre des hommes, a Swiss NGO. This solution is none other than paper recycling, used as an income-generating activity! Ten months ago, Romani Baxt and CAAP began contacting organizations and institutions around Tirana, setting up contracts for colllecting recyclable paper or cartons. Five months later, the initiative has 35 pick-up locations, with more organized by the month. After collecting the recyclables, they are stored in a warehouse, then sold to recycling plants in Durres and Fier.

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