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CAAP Brings Employment to Vulnerable Youth


May 4. 2009

Edi Coli, a young adult male of age 22, lives with his mother and father in a village outside of Fushe Kruje.  His family is relatively poor since his father is frequently unemployed and his mother does not work outside of their home.


Although Edi never attended university, he speaks English quite well and has always been interested in improving his English and learning how to use the computer.  Last year Edi took computer lessons from a US Peace Corps Volunteer, Bill Trunk. Edi had never used the computer before.  

Edi lost his previous job delivering pharmaceutical products on a motorcycle in October 2008. He was coached by Bill on job searching. A good opportunity came when Common Actions against Poverty, an Albanian non-profit aiming to support vulnerable groups gain economic independence, called Bill to refer candidates from Fushe Kruje to apply for Albanian ID card operators.   

Edi started the new job as ID card operator for Fushe Kruje office in February 2009. He is now applying his skills he learned during his computer lessons in his new job. He is very happy to have found such meaningful employment and now he can provide a stable income for his family.


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